Dedicated Computing Wins the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for Environmental Stewardship

Dedicated Computing is committed to ongoing environmental efforts that minimize our organization's ecological footprint and provide our customers with products and services that align with their environmental values. Our team is honored to receive the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award, and we are grateful for all of our business partners, customers, and employees who played a vital role in our ESG goals and initiatives that led to the award.

Presented by the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC), the 33rd annual Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award of 2023 recognized nine small, medium, and large companies that excelled in three main categories: sustainability, environmental stewardship, and environmental innovation.

Dedicated Computing is a proud recipient of an environmental stewardship award. We will continue to lead the way to ongoing environmental stewardship in Waukesha and the greater Wisconsin region by going above and beyond regulatory compliance, improving the environment, and engaging with our community.

Championing Environmental Stewardship

We're honored to be named the winner of the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for Environmental Stewardship (small category). Every member of our organization strives toward environmental stewardship, creating and preserving an ethical supply chain, and ongoing philanthropic outreach.

Environmental Stewardship

As a computer hardware manufacturer, Dedicated Computing is in a unique position to create positive environmental change. We seek to minimize our ecological footprint by recognizing opportunities for greener and more sustainable processes throughout every area of our business, including:

  • Energy use: Our team is committed to energy efficiency and reducing wasteful energy consumption, so we have restructured our manufacturing processes to provide high-quality products by using less energy.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions: Through our energy efficiency efforts, we have significantly reduced our production of greenhouse gases.
  • Waste handling: Electronic waste can pose a severe danger to the environment. Our company promotes local recycling efforts and recycles manufacturing byproducts. We also manage in-house processes for properly disposing of waste metals and materials.

Ethical Supply Chain

Part of comprehensive environmental stewardship is ethical procurement, not just on-site environmental management. That's why we build strong relationships with suppliers that meet our strict environmental standards and share our vision for minimal environmental impact. Proper sourcing is part of our larger focus on greener manufacturing and sustainable production.

Community Engagement and Philanthropy

Along with our in-house efforts in sustainability and better environmental practices, Dedicated Computing collaborates with the local Waukesha community to create and strengthen local conservation initiatives. We offer ongoing support and participation for our employees and the communities they live in.

The Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award

Dedicated Computing's Broader ESG Commitment

ESG—or Environmental, Social, and Governance—initiatives are a pivotal part of Dedicated Computing's approach to environmental leadership. By setting effective goals for our environmental impact, social policies, and leadership structure, we’re doing our part in making our company, community, and world a better place. As part of our broader ESG commitments, we:

  • Invest in employee well-being
  • Continue to build stronger and more ethical supply chains
  • Work with our local community to preserve the environment

Join the Green Movement

Dedicated Computing is proud to be one of the winners of this year's Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment Award for environmental stewardship, and we're grateful for the opportunity to continue pursuing more sustainable environmental practices with the collaboration and support of our business partners, employees, and clients. We will continue to strive for greater energy efficiency and material waste reduction as part of our responsibility as environmental leaders and through our ongoing ESG initiatives.

When businesses take a proactive role in fostering change and protecting the environment, everyone thrives. We encourage all other businesses to make ESG a stronger focus to create positive change for society.

Learn more about our own ESG practices and initiatives. You can also contact our team or schedule a meeting to learn more about Dedicated Computing’s capabilities.