Deploying Mission-Critical Systems that Save Lives

Build For Life

Early decisions within the product design process by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), can have a direct impact on people’s lives—whether its diagnosing and treating cancer, sequencing the human genomes, or safely training the world’s pilots. ‘Build for Life’ is more than a concept on this diverse and critical landscape. It reflects the need for all product stakeholders and contributors up and down the supply chain to address the criticality of long-term deployments, and the profound, personal impact on end-users.

At the core of their device is the software or application; however, at the hardware level, it is common to partner with leading suppliers or original design manufacturers (ODMs) who embrace design longevity, accountability, and strategy.

From the OEM's perspective, several key metrics make a difference to an ideal partnership with suppliers of products and technology. These are the factors that offer a set of standards for lifecycle management, change management, and collaborative design support.

We will explore these in our new blog series on the topic of building for life – follow us here at for more insight on how these metrics and strategies drive solutions designed to solve the world’s most complex computing problems.


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