Remote Support Is Now a Priority.


Empower All Team Members with Connected Capabilities -- Your Customers and Staff will Thank You!

As suppliers seek new ways to support customers well beyond, service is increasingly a differentiator and still rare on the OEM / supplier landscape. Lowering costs and streamlining repairs are clear benefits, but so is the new service mindset that can drive the organization forward in smart, strategic ways that align with long-term growth, success, and end-user satisfaction. Imagine, all that?! Not just one or the other.

Albeit we've been connected for years, "connectivity" now has a company-wide impact. Make sure all production manufacturing groups are ready to embrace it. Team members in quality, sourcing, software engineering, and service all need to understand connectivity’s value in creating efficiency, reducing waste and costs, and maintaining a standard of excellence in servicing customers.

For external support, software issues can now be handled with remote imaging. Hardware problems can benefit from remote diagnostics that pinpoint the issue and help determine the next steps on a service path. The instrument or device itself can even be accessed through the system’s compute engine, an extended strategy that can uncover and advise handling on existing or pending issues.

As manufacturers gain access to more and more performance data, hardware components can be tracked with efficiency and meaningful insight that ensures appropriate field front stock and inventory.

Even obvious benefits such as avoiding routine service visits for patches and updates may resonate more deeply. For example, new career paths may emerge for field service engineers, with greater opportunities to expand skill sets and job satisfaction for the long term.

With a focus on modernization and a phased approach, manufacturers can play a stronger competitive role in the market. Smart steps to remote strategies also help remove the overwhelming sense of dread that often comes with transformation.

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