Webcast: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Medical Devices

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is fundamentally changing how the world develops, deploys, and delivers compute intensive digital services and solutions. The impact of AI, deep learning and machine learning will be far greater than we can predict.  Andrew Ng, Baidu’s former Chief Scientist, and a Stanford Adjunct Professor, noted, “Artificial intelligence is the new electricity.”  We can say with confidence that utilizing AI is a business imperative that spans industries and markets planet wide.

This webinar series addresses how artificial intelligence in healthcare is forcing system integrators to address key challenges as the AI-revolution continues to advance and evolve at an increasing rate.

GPU Enhanced Medical Imaging Systems

Medical device design manufacturers continuously face regulatory challenges in addition to customer demands for improved performance, better features, improved image quality, and lowered acquisition costs. This webinar highlights how medical device manufacturers are utilizing GPUs to enable next generation imaging systems with AI enhanced diagnostic solutions to assist healthcare practitioners and provide better patient outcomes.

TOPIC: Impact of AI on Medical Imaging Devices and NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX Roadmap

PRESENTERS: Carl Flygare, NVIDIA Quadro Product Marketing Manager, PNY Technologies, and Jeff Krueger, Director of Systems Engineering, Dedicated Computing


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