Webcast: The Impact of AI on Modeling, Simulation, & Training

Implications of Physically Based Rendering for Training and Simulation

Simulation experts, visual system engineers and consumers all want the next big thing that will improve experiences and offer enhanced capabilities. NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs offering real-time ray tracing that simulates the actual behavior of light and materials represent the best path to meet ever-increasing expectations. This webinar covers how Quadro RTX offers all of the above – and much more – including performance scalability, support for ultra-high resolution displays, High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagery, and the latest advances in Virtual Reality (VR).

AI is changing the MS&T Landscape:

TOPIC: Impact of AI on Medical Imaging Devices and NVIDIA’s Quadro RTX Roadmap

PRESENTERS: Carl Flygare, NVIDIA Quadro Product Marketing Manager, PNY Technologies, and Jeff Krueger, Director of Systems Engineering, Dedicated Computing


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